But if I fall for you, I'll never recover, If I fall for you, I'll never be the same
please go follow my quality christmas blog and talk to me! i miss you guys sm

this is my last time on my quality blog xo

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follow my christmas blog

hmu theree

link’s on my blog

toodles (~:

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i will now forever be on my personal blog, I’m following back c: 

seriously though talk to me there bcos i have no friends hehe i love ya little shits xo

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pls follow my main / personal blog guys

here, i will be there from now on, every personal blog that follows will get a follow back xo

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where do you guys get good transparents?

for like editing pictures and stuff

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so im leaving this account for now

i’ll probs remake a personal or humor, but for now just pls follow my instagram, ily xo

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comment good urls for my new blog?

it’s gonna be a personal, and i’m gonna be  posting whatever i want so yay help me

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guys i think im gunna make a new personal blog and log off of this one for good xo

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hi guys

idk if anyone misses/remembers me but ya hi lol. i stopped coming online bcos my parents found my tumblr and i just kinda stopped. i miss it but i lost alot of followers so idk if i’ll come back. but please follow my instagram, @alyssamiichelle_. should i come back or?

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can we all just take a moment to admire how perf this is

idk why i liked this picture

q’d on vacation